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Jesse Love started his racing career at the age of five in quarter midgets. He never stops pushing the team and crew.  He has racked up numerous regional, track, state, and national championships, and he is commonly known around the tracks as “The Hammer”. 2017 Accomplishments: Youngest USAC HPD Champion in History and Only Driver to Ever Win the "USAC HPD Triple Crown" with Overall, Dirt, & Pavement Championships in 2017. He defends his 51FIFTY Junior Late Model Championship in 2018 with 51FIFTY on the hood of his Late Model Toyota Stock Car.

Jesse is now in the Toyota Racing Development Driver Program (TRD) as well as working with NASCAR development expert Lorin Ranier of Ranier Racing Development. 

AGE: 13 years old

RESIDES: Menlo Park, CA

2018 Car Line-Up: Jr. Late Model, BCRA Midget, Hunt Magneto Sprint Car.  



2011 - 2014 Highlights

  • Baylands Rookie of the Year 2011
  • Baylands Most Improved Driver-Junior Honda 2012
  • California States Race Winner-Junior Honda 2013
  • California States Race Winner-Junior Stock 2013
  • California States Race Winner-Light 160 2013
  • Good Times, Club Championship, Junior Honda 2013
  • Good Times, Club Championship, Junior Stock 2013
  • Good Times, Club Championship, Lt. 160 2013
  • Winter Nationals Winner Junior Stock 2013
  • California Regional Championship Junior Stock 2013
  • California Monza Track Record, Capital-Sr. Stock 2014
  • California Monza Track Record, Capital-Mod 2014
  • California Monza Track Record, American-B 2014
  • Good Times, Track Record Holder, B 2014
  • California Monza Track Record, Baylands, Mod 2014
  • Baylands, Track Record Holder, B-2014
  • Good Times, Club Championship, Mod 2014
  • Tri-Valley, Track Record Holder, Mod 2014
  • California Monza Championship Sr. Stock 2014
  • California Monza Championship Mod 2014
  • California Monza Championship Sr. B 2014
  • Over 100+ Main Event Wins in QMA in 3 seasons

2015 USAC HPD Dirt and Asphalt

  • USAC HPD Win, Madera, CA (Restricted-Pavement) 2015
  • USAC HPD Win, Ventura, CA (Restricted-Dirt) 2015
  • USAC HPD Win, Meridian, ID (Restricted-Pavement) 2015
  • USAC HPD Win, Madera, CA “Harvest Classic” (Restricted-Pavement) 2015
  • USAC Western States Overall “Rookie of the Year” 2015[1]
  • USAC Western States Champion (Restricted) 2015 [2]
  • Madera Loan Mart Speedway Points Champion (Restricted) 2015

2016 INEX Bandolero Silver State Championship 

  • INEX Bandolero-4 Wins on Road Course
  • INEX Bandolero-3 Fast Times
  • INEX Bandolero-Orange Show-Win
  • INEX Bandolero-Las Vegas-Three Wins
  • INEX Bandolero-Rookie of the Year 2016 (Runner-up in Championship)


2016 USAC HPD Dirt and Asphalt

  • USAC HPD Win, Lemoore, CA (Dirt) 2016
  • USAC HPD Win, Las Vegas, NV (Pavement) 2016
  • USAC HPD Win, Ventura, CA (Dirt) 2016
  • USAC HPD Western Overall Champion 2016 [3]
  • USAC HPD Western Dirt Champion 2016[4]

2017 USAC: Wins/Achievements

  • USAC HPD Win, Chowchilla, CA (Dirt) 2017
  • USAC HPD Win, Madera, CA (Pavement) 2017
  • USAC HPD Win, Madera, CA (Pavement) 2017
  • USAC HPD Win, Las Vegas, NV (Pavement) 2017
  • USAC HPD Win, Kern, CA (Dirt) 2017
  • USAC HPD Win, Ventura, CA (Dirt) 2017
  • USAC HPD Western Overall Champion 2017
  • USAC HPD Western Pavement Champion 2017[5]
  • USAC HPD Western Dirt Champion 2017

2017 MavTV 51Fifty Series: Wins/Achievements: (5 Wins: Most Wins in Series: 2017 Champion)

  • March 2017: Win
  • April 2017: Win
  • May 2017: Win
  • August  2017: Win
  • October 2017: Win

2018 MavTV 51Fifty Series: Wins/Achievements: (4 Wins:  2018 Champion)

  • April 2018: Win
  • May 2018: Win
  • June  2018: Win
  • October 2018: Win

2018 BCRA Midget Series Championship [7]

  • 11 Top Ten's
  • 9 Top Five's
  • 4 Wins [6]

2018 INEX Road Course World Championship

[1] Youngest USAC HPD Midget Western States Restricted Champion.

[2] Youngest USAC HPD Midget Western States Overall “Rookie of the Year” in over 60 years of USAC history!

[3] Youngest USAC HPD Midget Western States Overall Champion.

[4] Youngest USAC HPD Midget Western States Dirt Champion.

[5] Youngest and first driver in the history of USAC series to Win the “Triple Crown” all three Championships in a single season.

[6] Youngest driver ever to win a full-size midget race

[7] Youngest driver to win a BCRA Midget Championship



Love Motorsports mission is to go as fast and as far as we can in autosports. We have a faith-based, team-first approach to autosports. We love to win, but if we don't do it fairly, ethically and within the rules and guidelines, it is not truly a win. Our primary focus is to develop our drivers, and we demand communication, cooperation, and respect within and between the confines of the team. We strive to improve every time we show up and learn every time we go out. We believe in paying it forward and will help other teams get their cars on the track and will lend a helping hand whenever possible. Win, lose or draw, we are grateful to be living our dream - both on and off the track!

Jesse is very lucky to have seasoned veterans on the box and radio for the Late Model and open Wheel Season in 2018

duke headshot


Duke Love
Jess Love, a.k.a "Duke" grew up racing Quarter Midgets. Duke has raced sprintcars and midgets throughout his career. He occasionally hops in the team's backup car to give his son, Jesse, a chance at bragging rights by beating his old man.

nick stafford

Tres Van Dyne
Tres Van Dyne, a veteran open-wheel team owner and motor builder, has been there for Jesse at every dirt event providing the very best set-ups, motors, and driver input. Tres comes from an established open wheel background and is the Crew Chief for multiple USAC Driver and Team Championships. Tres' knowledge of dirt set-ups is unparalleled and he can replace a front end faster than any man alive!

tres van dyne

Dustin Edge 
Dustin "Edge of Glory" Edge is the latest addition to the Love Motorsports team. Dustin proudly serves his country as an Airman Third Class in the United States Air Force.  In his spare time, he loves to race. Dustin has an unlimited supply of energy and is constantly checking and double-checking all aspects of the cars.  He can always be found in the pits discussing set-ups with Tres, going over notes with Nitro Nick, or getting the cars ready to go out on the track. Dustin also travels extensively with the team and independently with Jesse. We are extremely grateful that Dustin has decided to join our crazy circus.

randy chastain

Nick Stafford
Nick Stafford, an accomplished QMA driver and National Champion has been "on the box" with Jesse throughout the USAC 2015 and 2016 Season. Nitro Nick is a calming force in the pits, ever mindful of chassis adjustments throughout the night.  Nick consistently provides race ready cars for Jesse and keeps the team on track with set up notes and changes.  As an accomplished driver in his own right, Nick and Jesse are constantly discussing track patterns, braking points, pick up points, and starting grid strategy.


Dave Sylvia
If the saying "races are won in the shop" is true, then Dave Sylvia has more wins under his belt than anyone! Dave comes from a racing family and runs a championship sprint car team of his own. A racer in his own right, Dave has more shop hours under his belt than anyone we know. In 2015 and 2016, Dave diligently prepped Jesse's cars as Love Motorsports' Shop Steward, and was always on the lookout for those extra couple or tenth hundreds of a second. And given Dave's uncanny ability to smell problems before they arise, Jesse always felt comfortable in the seat knowing that Dave had him covered. Love Motorsports is extremely grateful to Dave for his tenacity and experience.